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Travertino Classico Marble

Marble countertops has been a popular trend in kitchen for the past several years. If you compare performance characteristics in a kitchen environment, granite is the better choice. However, because of its subtle veining and aesthetic appeal, many are choosing marble. The main difference is that granite and marble are made of different minerals that perform differently in regards to chemical resistance and hardness. Marble will etch when exposed to acids and bases.

Marble countertops will also scratch more easily since it scores a four on Mohs scale of hardness versus granite’s rating of seven. Some people assume that if marble is sealed, these tendencies will disappear but that is not actually the case. Most installers will use an impregnating sealer that sits just below the surface of the marble. Therefore, the surface is still susceptible to these occurrences.

If you want to consider using marble countertops in your kitchen you must set the proper expectation for its performance. It will not look the same 10 years from now as it did the day it was first installed. It will etch and scratch, we call this a patina and many consider it a thing of beauty. Yes, you can resurface the marble countertops to restore it to its original luster but this is a messy and expensive project. It is hard to duplicate the polish on areas that have been affected so you will usually need to do the whole thing.

Resists Stains

Resists Heat


Adds Value

Travertino Classico Marble


SIZE 122″ x 67″



PRIMARY COLOR(S): Beige, Cream
MATERIAL TYPE: Brava Porcelain
SIZES: 2cm
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes
Residential: Yes
Commercial: Yes
Freezing Climate: Yes
Exterior Usage: Yes
  • Straight Edge Brava Porcelain Countertops
  • Square Edge Brava Porcelain Countertops
  • Eased Edge Brava Porcelain Countertops
  • Beveled Edge Brava Porcelain Countertops
  • Double Bevel
  • Quarter Round Edge
  • Waterfall Edge
  • Half Bullnose


We recently had new countertops from Masterpiece Granite installed in our home. We had problems with staining and Mo was quick to come from Ottawa to Belleville to address the problems and assured us he would do everything to make sure we were 100% happy. We tried a few things to remove the stains unsuccessfully. Being a man of his word Mo got together with the installer and replaced all the counter tops which look absolutely beautiful at no cost to us. It was a pleasure to deal with such an honest and caring company and staff. We would highly recommend Masterpiece Granite & Marble to anyone looking for an excellent product and outstanding service. We truely appreciate all they did for us.
John & Pat

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